KidsQuest provides a safe place where kids can express who they are and find their purpose in Jesus Christ.  
We look forward to seeing your child at  our KidsQuest services!!

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

At Metro Church, WE LOVE OUR KIDS. They are our top priority!
KidsQuest is where they learn, grow, and begin their journey following Jesus Christ.

Sunday Mornings at 10am

PreK4 - 5th Graders

AT EACH WEEKEND SERVICE, PreK4 through 4th graders meet in an area designed for them where they will experience worship, and learn from the Bible through interactive bible stories and age appropriate lessons.

5th - 7th Graders

AT EACH WEEKEND SERVICE,  our 5th - 7th graders get together to explore the Bible and how it applies to their lives. This is where we have lively discussions and dive deep into the Bible.

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Family Led Ideas

Join RightNow Media are all about parent’s initiating and leading spiritual activities for their kids at home. Many of these are super-obvious. Try to keep these each to 30 minutes or less depending on your child's age. That's usually their attention span. The point is to make it fun as they learn.
1. Read the Bible together as a family. Kids get a turn to read aloud too!
2. Upload the Bible App for Kids.
3. Join RightNow Media to find numerous kids videos (see the image below).  Plan a Christian family movie time (marathon style)
4. Have a worship dance party. Put on praise music or use kids worship songs on YouTube.
5. Parents can lead a Bible craft with their kids. Lots of craft ideas on this free website.
6. Let kids plan & lead a “kids church service” for their parents in the audience role. This reversal flip will be awesome for their little memories.  
7. Learn a memory verse together. Here are memory verse games and a verse list to get you started.  
8. Act out Bible story skits as a family.
9. Go for a prayer walk at home or in a local park .Have kids pray aloud giving God thanks while naming all the beautiful things they see that God created.