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It’s a gathering of women searching for solutions to everyday living.  We use the Bible as our text and the Holy Spirit gives priceless instruction and revelation!  Since it’s conception in January of 2006, Women Wanting Wisdom has flourished and multiplied because this is the Lord’s ministry.  In the bible study, women feel safe to express themselves as well as openly discuss their experiences with other women facing the same challenges.  Women from many Christian faiths come together just wanting more of Jesus!

The Lord is real and He has real wisdom for you

Tuesday Mornings!

Free Child Care
(infants to 5 yrs)


Join us as our teachers guide us through each study

  pastor Kathy

Dr. Kathy Baker


Dr. Theresa Harris  




Danielle Wilson



pastor KathyDr. Kathy Baker is a dynamic and inspiring speaker that captivates her listeners with humor, energy, and passion. Drawing from her own life experiences, Kathy is filled with compassion and insight to help others in their own life and career struggles. Dr. Baker’s speaking engagements include audiences all over the world: from London to Peru, Guatemala to Hawaii and across the United States. Dr. Baker is a certified Christian Marriage and Family Therapist and a licensed Belief Therapist. She holds a Bachelor, Masters and a Doctorate in Restorative Justice.

Women Wanting Wisdom was begun by Kathy in 2005 following Katrina. Dr. Baker currently resides in the New Orleans area with her husband, Jerry. Together they founded Interfaith Counseling Services, Inc., and are founding pastors of Metro Church of New Orleans. They have two grown children, Christopher and Melody.
Find Dr. Baker on www.NOLA.com

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